Pineapple Diety is an episode of Venturian Battle.


As Robert and his brothers enter the Abode, the explosion only blew the door open and shattered the windows. As they went inside, Avacodo was still there! Avacado, what are you still doing here!? They asked. Avacado told them that she owns the Abode now, as she broke his oven into pecies. Robert took a blade out to get Avocado out, and he tried to stab her. She doged the blade and dissapeared. Robert entered his room, to see a giant robot following him. Robert drew his blade back out, and the robot sprayed acetone at his face. The acetone was lit up, and Robert ran into the bathtub. He went into a secret room to find his robot to counter Avocado's.

Robert got into his Robot and went back in. He grabbed Avacodo's robot and threw it outside. He followed it outside and shot at it. Suddenly, Tyler appeared stopping them. He said that instead of fighting for the Abode, they'd do a robolympics! Tyler decided he'll be the judge and host.

The first event was a robo-race, which was a draw. Second, was shooting which was almost won by Robert but it became a draw. Soon after, was a strength competion, an agility test, then a throwing contest. Each time, they kept getting a tie! They decided to then do a jumping competion, and then another race. After a few events, it was decided that Avocado and Robert both won! Robert was not pleased with the tie, so he shot Avocado's robot.

Terrence suddenly declared a robot fight as Avocado threw Robert's robot into the sky. Terrence and his brothers were rooting for Robert as he pulled Avocado out of the cockpit. He then kicked the robot away and was about to kick Avocado away aswell, before she ran away.

Robert locked Avocado in the fridge of his other Abode. They were about to leave until an explosion in the other abode happened! Avocado was holding a large ball, which she divided in half. Robert and his brothers snuck behind her as she had a light come out of the halves. A pomegranet appeared and questioned why Avocado was calling the direct line to the Pineapple diety. Avocado said that there are Venturians that have sabotaged their mission to Venture. The pomegranet got Pineapple on the line, who was confused why the Venturians on Venture would do such a criminal act against them. Avocado showed them a live camera on the moon, revealing a moon base with the roof and multiple walls gone. The pineapple diety was shocked.

Avocado also requested a ship to pick her up from Venture, and before shutting off the line, Robert attacked. He stabbed the half spheres, shutting off the call. Before he could get Avocado, she escaped! Robert announced that they're gonna go on an adventure to find her.

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