Pixels, or Mason Pixes (trademarked PIXELS), are a brand of gum drops marketed by Flakerot Industries, which claims that "since its launch," the candy has become "The #1 selling gumdrop brand." According to advertisements, more than four billion pixels are produced from the Flakerot Industries plant each year.

According to PETA, Pixels are vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, peanut-free, and kosher (officially certified kosher by the Orthodox Union as of December 1, 2009).

Flavors and varieties


Current flavors for "original pixels" include acerola (crimson), lemon (yellow), feijoa (green), citrus (tangerine), and strawberry (pink). Sour Pixels have five flavors, but are created with a sour desi: acerola, lemon, tangerine, blueberry, and green apple . Flavors for Tropical Pixel include Isle Honey, Wild Mango, Cantaloupe Cooler, Starfruit Pomelo, and Heaven Punch; and for Yoghurt Pixels, Plantain, Clementine, Goosberry, and Lemon-Lime.

Ravens, black licorice flavored gum drops, are also considered to be part of the Pixels. There is an urban legend that ravens were to be called "Black Rose," but the printer misheard the name and printed wrappers with the wrong name on them. However, research—including the fact that the name was copyrighted before the candies ever came with wrappers—reveals that this story is not true.


  • Despite pixels being square, the candy "Pixels" is round.
  • The fruit dieties are against pixel do to being fruit flavored. However, this case was slightly settled when Flakerot industries gave the deities a box, which says "All Artificial Flavors, None Natural".

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