A plant fossil is any preserved part of a plant that has long since died. Such fossils may be prehistoric impressions that are many millions of years old, or bits of charcoal that are only a few hundred years old. Prehistoric plants are various groups of plants that lived before recorded history.

In Venture

Plant fossils are items used in reviving prehistoric plants. It can be dropped by a fossil block or produced while sifting. They follow a similar method to bio-fossilsin producing living plants. When placed in an analyzer, plant fossils can produce fossilized seeds and spores and petrified palaeoraphe saplings, which function like DNA and get put in the culture vat. Other items that can be yielded by the analyzer is coal, sand, and cactus green.


  • Plant fossils reveal that daisies, poppies, tulips, roses, trees, and Acrogen are not the only plants in Venture.