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The Platyagon is a hellish creature that roams the lands of Venture and Hell. It is known for being the patron creature of St. George (Who is actually not a Saint). Platyagons can breath fire on humans and fly around. They are a cross between platypussies and dragons. They also appear in Venturian Battle as antagonists.

In Venture

In Venture, Platyagons will spawn mostly in Hell, but sometimes they can spawn in the normal world. If it detects a human, it will fly up to them and breath fire, probably killing them. Platyagons are immune to fire and lava, but are twicely damaged by snowballs.

In Venturian Battle

In Venturian Battle, they serve as antagonists, supporting St. George as he invades Flakerot. However, they are weak to cider, as their patron saint, St. George is too.