A Powered Mine Trolley is a self propelled mine trolley withe a furnace inside. The Furnace Mine Trolley will propel along straight lengths of track and pause after each bend in the track.


A powered mine trolley can be broken like any other mine trolley, by hitting it.


Crafting a powered mine trolley takes a mine trolley and a furnace.


A powered mine trolley is placed the same as any other mine trolley. It does not have an interface, like a furnace does.

To move the mine trolley, first face the direction you want to move, then simply feed coal to it by right clicking it. The fuel will immediately be consumed, and will provide power for three minutes. No matter how much fuel is added, it will never move for more than three minutes after the last fuel. Right clicking anything other than coal will not consume the item and the powered mine trolley will move for a few feet but quickly halt.


  • A Powered Mine Trolley is also known as a Furnace Mine Trolley and a Mine Trolley with Furnace.

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