Reccuring Characters are characters that appear multiple times in Venturian Battle. They also are usually major characters.

Season One


Robert Jacob

Robert is the main protagonist.

Terrence Jacob

Robert's brother, who is drunk. Terrence is Terrence.

Tyler Jacob

The handsome but childish brother of Robert. Tyler is shown drinking beer in every episode, but never gets drunk, unlike Terrence. Tyler put nuts on a statue once. He is voiced by Jaris Padalecki.

Athansios Jacob

Athansios is the only African brother of Robert, and generally participates in events and tournaments.

Scottie Jacob

Scottie is the only ginger brother of Robert, and generally likes being called "The Jacob who Must not be Named".

Prisco Jacob

Prisco is the only albino brother of Robert, and participates in gluttony and drugs, but is still a hero in the end.

Cyan Jacob

Cyan enjoys riding minecarts and Babirusa in several competetions, but generally perfers riverboats the most.

Boyce Jacob

Boyce is a noble warrior, who perfers fisticuffs over swordfighting, but still uses a blade if needed to fight for the greater good.

Count Lionel

Count Lionel is known as a protagonist, due to helping the brothers in a few episodes.


Chief Clip

Chief Clip is the chieftain of the Clip Tribe. He was the main antagonist until his demise in Ultra Team: Part 2.

Lemon Diety

Lemon Diety is a minor antagonist for the first two episodes of the Fruit Diety arc.

Rock Monsters

The Rock Monsters where the antagonists of the first two two Future Mining episodes.

Lava Monsters

The Magma Monsters replace the Rock Monsters as antagonists in Future Mining Part 3.

Season Two




Avocado is the current main antagonist of Season 2 and the Fruit Diety arc.

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