Return To The Moon is an episode of Venturian Battle.


The apple ship that kidnapped the Jacobs had blasted up into space. The apple who Robert assumed was the leader yelled at him that The Lemon and Limes are weren't on Neptune. Another apple said that Doc will kill them if they don't get them. Tyler looked at them and saw nametags. The nametags showed, Doc, Navy, Army, and Coasty.

Doc blasted the ship into teh moon. They got into the moon base and opened the door. Doc yelled that they're gonna be reported to the Fruit Authority. At the moon, they pointed out the many diety murals. They talked about how Venturians killed the Bannana Diety, and the Jacobs were all confused.

When they all got up, they saw the top was blown up. They yelled that the evil Venturians probably did this. Robert finally had enough of the apple's nonsense and they attacked them. Robert cut off a name tag, and Tyler almost killed Navy. The apples tried to shoot Terrence, but it hit the floor. The ship hit Coasty, killing her. The ship opened up, causing Avocado to fall out. Robert was really mad at her, and tried to stab her.

Robert dragged the apples downstairs, and opened the door to space. All the apples blew out into space, but one grabbed Robert and he blew into space. In teh base, Tyler shoved Avocado out the ship and drove the space ship into Space. There, they rescued Robert and descend down to earth.

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