Rouge Venture: Rule of Giants is the first DLC of Venture: Rouge Edition. It can currently be downloaded from the official website and Steam page.

The Rule of Giants content is also bundled with the base Rouge Venture game under the name Rouge Venture: Giant Edition (Venture Rouge: Pocket Edition for iOS) for other platforms, including PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox One, and iOS.

Major New Features

This DLC provides more additions to the surface world of Rouge Venture.


Rule of Giants provides multiple weather seasons being Winter, Spring, Summer, and Auttum. The seasons have a corresponding giant boss creature and weather. There also is now temperature, wich varies to season. Temperature will force the player to wear a coat in winter, and light clothing in summer.


Giants are a type of boss monster that appear based on what season it is. Venture giants, which are basically larger model undeads will also appear as a common enemy. Each seasonal giant acts as a boss monster of that season. This means that they'll be very strong and hard to kill.


  • One of the unused creatures in Venture, "Giants", will be featured as normal enemies. This marks the first appearance of Giants in anything related to Venture since December of 2015.
  • The giants are only oversized Undeads, though Ogres may be added.

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