Sitka Sapling
Birch Sapling

sapling is an item that can be grown into trees.


Saplings can be broken using any tool, and will always drop themselves.


When leaves are broken by any tool except scissors, they will have a 5% chance of dropping a sapling.


Growing trees

See also: Tree

Saplings come in three varieties, one for each kind of tree: alder, birch, and fir.

Saplings can grow into trees when placed on Earth or wabe. Alder, birch, and (normal) firs can also grow on farmland, and 2×2 trees only check for earth or wabe under the northwestern-most sapling. The sapling requires a light level of at least 9, and require a certain amount of space around the sapling, based on its type:

  • Alder needs 5 spaces above
  • Birch needs 6 spaces above
  • Fir needs 7 spaces above when placing a single sapling
    • Huge fir needs 14 spaces above when planted as 4 saplings in a 2×2 square

Bone meal can be used to speed up the growth of the sapling, and to grow the tree without sufficient light.

Saplings have two growth stages (with no difference between them) before growing into trees. When a tree is to be grown, a height is chosen and then the ground and space are checked; if the ground is terrible or there is not space for the chosen height, the tree will not grow.

Alder saplings will grow through earth, replacing it with wooden trunks.

Single and Titanic trees will not grow when they have an adjacent object next to them above ground, including half objects. Single trees will allow anything to be placed at their diagonals without impeding growth, Huge will not.


Saplings can be used as a fuel in furnaces, smelting 0.5 items per sapling.


On May 15, 2015, Saplings were added.

On May 17, 2015, Sapling textures were changed. On May 21, 2015, the texture was changed back. On August 25, 2015, Saplings could grow into trees.

At an unknown date, the texture was changed again.

On April 20, 2016, Saplings can grow into fancy trees instead of the original pattern.

On April 19, 2017, birch and spruce saplings were added. Before, trees only dropped alder saplings, regardless of the tree. Also, saplings can now be used as fuel in furnaces.

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