Venturian Battle Season One

Season One is the first season of Venturian Battle. There are twenty episodes so far. It's successor is Season Two. It is rated TV-14 V/L.


Venturian Battle: Episode One: Clip's Deception: Robert gambles on Clip that he can find an apocalypse team.

Pirate Adventure: The Venturian village is visited by buccaneers and hikers!

Pirate Adventure

Acropolis Takedown: The Venturians teardown the Aperture Kingdom!


Fruit Dieties: Part 1: The Multi Dimensional Fireball arrives!


Rainforest Temple: Robert and his brothers trek the Rainforest Temple to find an altar.


Desert Temple: Robert and his brothers trek a Desert Temple, and find a familiar hostile.


Temple Bi-Journey: Robert and his brothers go on two journeys to temples at once!

Venturian Island: Robert and his crew vist a resort- infested with dinosaurus and skitesaurs!


Ultra Team: Part One: The Ultra Team go on six adventures!

Ultra Team

Ultra Team: Part 2: The Ultra Team go on two more adventures!

Ultra Team 2.0: The Ultra Team go on five more adventures!

Muffin's Bakery: Robert is attacked by a crawler attempting to make him into food.                                                  

Mr. Robert Jacob: Robert become a trillionare!

Venture Race

Venture Race: The Green Badasses and Red Corsair race against each other in a reality television show, Venture Race, which goes over many servers and locations.

Gold Armor

Enchanted Gold Armour: Robert and his brothers go on an adventure to uncover fragments of armor.

Fruit Dieties: Part 2: The fruit Dieties return to Venture for revenge!


Future Mining: Part One: Robert and two of his brothers join a company, Future Mining.

Future Mining

Future Mining: Part 2: Synopsis TBA.

Future Mining Part 3: The Future Miners make it to the core of Venture!



  • Poptropica had an advertisement of Venture which was based on Ultra Team.
  • Season One is rumored to be the shortest running season of Venturian Battle, lasting slightly less than two months.
  • The former rumor was true, having Season One only last 20 episodes.
  • Another rumor is that Count Lionel will be the main antagonist. This was averted, because although Count Lionel appeared in Season One, he was not the main antagonist; rather, Clip was, until his death, where there were multiple different main antagonists per episode afterwards.
  • Brendan's favorite episodes in Season One are the Ultra Team episodes, Venture Race, and the Future Mining episodes.
  • There was a rumored 21th episode for Season One that involved Robert getting arrested for murder, but that never happened.