Shadow of Malevolence is an episode of Venturian Battle.


Suspecting that General Grievous will attack a Medical Center in his unbreakable ship, The Malevolence, the Jacob Knights plan a brave ambush. Accompanied by Sensei Bill Gunther in his rocket ship, Robert Jacob leads Shadow Squadron and their Y-Wings in a bold adventure to disable the Separatist gunship before it can bring its dangerous antiparticle bombard to bear on the Medical Centre...

The squadron arrive at the battle site, and then take the booster down to the lower area, and land on Malevolence. Terrence Jacob runs over to the blinking switch and turns on the torpedo dispenser! With the torpedoes available, they get the infuriating part out of the way first.

Tyler Jacob grabs torpedoes and then boosts to the upper level and takes out three parts of the Malevolence and quite literally blowing the top off of the ship, exposing a landing pad and a torpedo dispenser that is blocked by a shield. Athansios advises them not to bother landing there yet -- instead, they head back down and use the torpedoes to blow it from below, then rearm and head back up and fire the torpedoes there.

The squadron keeps doing that until they have blown away the entire top of the ship! Then, the main drive activates -- then Scottie simply goes down and hit that to end the quest!

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