Slabs are half-versions of their respective objects.


Cobblestone slabs require a pickaxe to mine. Wood slabs can be mined with anything, but a hatchet is fastest. Double-slabs cannot be acquired by normal means or by the command !give, though it can be placed with !setobject or !fill.


Slabs are crafted from three of the same desired material for which variation.



Slabs can be placed either right side up or upside-down:

  • Pointing at an object's top or the bottom half of an object's side will place the slab right side up.
  • Pointing at an object's bottom or the top half of an object's side will place the slab upside-down.


Slabs are treated as a whole object by other objects and liquids. Two slabs of the same type can be placed one on top of one another to make a full-size object, but different slab types cannot be mixed in this way..

Scarlet Rock can be connected to the wire on the side of the slabs. Scarlet Rock placed on top of an upside-down slab can receive signals from an adjacent object of Scarlet Rock one object lower but cannot transmit signals to it. This is why "ladders" made from upside-down slabs, can transmit Scarlet Rock signals up, but not down.

Creatures see a slab as a full object. Creature can also spawn on the tops of upside-down slabs and double slabs, but not on lower slabs.

Due to the way blast rays propagate from an explosion, bottom-half slabs provide super effective absorption to explosions directly on top of them.

Sneaking only reduces your hitbox height to 1.65 meters, and so does not allow the player to walk over a single slab with one meter of air above it, which is 1.5 meters. A player cannot walk from a object of directly up to a slab without jumping – this applies not just to Spirit Sand, but to any object of 7/8 of a meter high or shorter, because the maximum step height of the player is 0.6 of a meter. The player can walk off a slab while sneaking, because the sneaking only prevents falling when the distance is higher than one half meter.

If a slab is placed underwater, the empty half of that slab's object will appear and act as air. If the slab is upside-down, not only can the player grab a fast breath of air there, but the player can see as clearly as if they were above the surface.


Wood slabs can be used as a fuel in furnaces, smelting 0.75 items per slab.

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