A Sluree is a slush cryogenic carbonated beverage in Venturian Battle.


Flavors include: blue, red, bitter lime, copper, cannabis, wine, cherry, and Nuclear Holocaust.


Slurees are reputed for being deadly to health — Sluree flavorings have, if ingested in sufficient quantities, hallucinogenic properties. Slurees allegedly contain no natural ingredients (not even water), create deadly ice cream headaches, and are even described as "a thick, gloopy, tooth-decaying mix of crushed ice cubes and syrup".

Venture Missions Sluree


  • A Sluree machine is in the background of Hell Cantina in Venture: Halloween. It has three flavors: Chrysophyllum Cainito, Ductus Deferens, and Corpus Spongiosum.
  • They are a parody of Slurpees.

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