Sneaking is a gameplay feature that prevents players from falling off of objects, helps players hide from enemies, among other useful features.


The control for sneaking defaults to ⇧ Shift. Toggling sneaking allows the player to switch between walking and sneaking without having to hold down a key. To toggle sneaking on a Windows system, press and hold the sneak key while holding down Alt. This will freeze the game temporarily; to resume the game release both keys, then press and release Alt again. To return to normal walking, press and release thesneak key again. This method works in both windowed and fullscreen mode. To toggle sneaking on a Macintosh computer, simply change the sneaking hotkey to ⇪ Caps Lock.


While sneaking:

  • Players are prevented from walking off edges if the difference in height between the two surfaces is 1 meter or higher, which makes sneaking highly useful for building horizontally outwards over empty space.
    • The player can still dismount objects while sneaking by jumping over the object's edge.
  • Players move slow, at a speed of about 1.31m/s.
  • Enemies will not become aware of the player until within 80% of the detection range.
  • Eye level moves down 18 of a meter, and the character model bends over. This can be viewed using F5.
  • The player's hitbox reduces from 1.8 to 1.65 blocks.
  • No footstep sounds occur.
  • In multiplayer, a sneaking player's name tag will be fainter than normal, and invisible to players more than 32 meters away.
    • Other players in multiplayer will not see a sneaking player's name tag through solids.
  • If players are on a ladder or vine, they do not move down. This gives the impression of holding on to that specific ladder rung or vine. Mining speed is still decreased by a factor of 5.

Sneaking does not affect:

  • Jump height: players can still jump up to the same heights, and at the same vertical speed. Horizontal jump speed and distance is decreased, however.
  • Farmland and crops: they will still be trampled when jumped upon.

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