Stronghold Hill is a location in Venturian Battle.


Forest Golf

Forest Golf is a golf course with eighteen holes and woodland creatures.

Magical Walk

A beautiful path that brings visitors face-to-face with animals.

Builders Guild

A fort filled with bins of building materials (such as wood, rock, and sandstone) for people to build their own things.

Witching Well

A well with a single structure of a witch leaning into the well. Nothing else, really.

The Hideaways

A play area where kids can climb up, crawl through, slide down, cross over, and swing on ropes, ladders, and tunnels.

Royal Joust

A tournament where dragon slayers, even the youngest, ride a horse through the woods.

The Dragon

Enter the magical stronghold, and board a dragon if you dare! The dragon is clearly uncontrollable, and the best that can be predicted is you soaring out of the legendary castle while riding on the dragon.

Knights' Tournament

Knights can choose from five levels of fright and ride a mechanical arm which whizzes them past a huge dragon and slings them over a moat to complete the quest. Level one never goes upside down, while level five never stays right-side up!

Live Entertainment

Courtyard Theater

Watch plays at a theater near the courtyard of the castle from The Dragon, and hope the plays are not cringeworthy!


Churro Stand

Go to a food stand and buy some churros.

Green Apple Fries

Indulge in warm green apple fries, dusted with cinnamon and sugar and served with sweet meringue dipping sauce. Can also be served a la mode.

Knights' Smokehouse Barbecue

Serves true Texas barbecue cooked low and slow in an all-wood smoker. From all pulled pork, poultry, beef brisket and pork ribs. Also serves beer.

Stronghold Agutak

People get to indulge in a wide selection of akutaq, sundaes, and frozen deserts. Also features cappuccino, latte, and espresso.

Stronghold Hamburgers

Serves 100% all beef burgers and cheezburgers, and fries.

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