Terrence Jacob is one of seven brothers of Robert Jacob.


Terrence's defining traits are that he is extreme;y full of himself, and super spoiled. He hates training and would much rather lounge around relaxing, or go clubbing. He hates taking orders and prefers to impulsively rush into things with no forethought. Despite this, he is intelligent, however, as he is quick to realize nefarious plots. He always enjoys annoying team leader Robert, and getting a reaction from him. This always leads to the two butting heads due to their differing approaches to knighthood. However, despite this he genuinely cares for his brothers more than he cares about himself, and will always set aside his pride and admit that he is wrong for their benefit. Though he is spoiled, he seems to want to share the things he loves most with them, as well, such as offering his beer to Robert and Scottie, and asking them all to star in a movie with him. He harbors insecurities about himself and how he is perceived by others based on the one-sided conversation he had with Duke in Future Mining: Part One. Terrence is also passionate about acting and loves making puns and references based on plays and movies. He also has a fondness for mining, based on his immediate attachment to Duke the miner. Finally, Terrence has a fear of being obscure.


Terrence has neck-length blond hair which is slightly curly, however in Venture: Halloween it appears to be straight and spiked, while looking slightly short, as well as brown eyes. His face has defined cheekbones with a cleft chin, blond-colored eyebrows, and he grins a lot. He wears a white robe which is torn below, and black shoes. Description

Terrence loves a good fight against malicious creatures, but he loves being famous much more. Born alongside into wealthy Jacob family, things have always come easy to Terrence and he wants it to stay that way. All that fighting messes up his shined breastplate and curly hair and makes him look imperfect in pictures.

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