From the rise of civilization, up until a particularly brutal collision with reality (April 1, 2004), nations toiled under the banner of the World Assembly's predecessor, an organization that now Cannot Be Named, but sounded a lot like "United Stations." Although this grand institution is no longer, its incomparable volume of law shall stand forever.


The grand institution that must not be named was founded on the rise of civilization itself. The goverment imploded in a colossal fireball of extra-dimensional inanity; in which the nation of Peskite founded the WA to succeed on April 1st.


All previously passed Resolutions have been archived for historical purposes, so that citizens of today may forever look back upon the masterwork of their ancestors.

The legeslative system was the practically same of the World Assembly.


  • The other placeholder name, 'United Stations' can be traced as a reference to the Real-Life country of the United States.
  • The name "The Bureaucray That Must Not Be Named" is an example of The Scottish Trope.

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