The Stick is a large branch snapped in two with its bark removed and a series of claw marks along it. It was found near the lake by Jay and serves as a portal and time travel device.


Jay found a large twig in a lake with it's bark removed and claw marks. Jay's discovery was the first time in billions of years it has been used. It has since been used more constantly for time traveling and teleporting, and is a powerful and magic item. The stick's origin comes from the time of Lord Helix's messenger, Duck. It was owned by Squishy until he hid the stick in the lake, where Jay found it. It is also rumored that the Axolotls had something in the stick's creation.


  • The Holy Stick is the first time travel device, portal, and holy object. The second known portal is the Gateway to Atlantis.
  • It is unknown how the branch was created, why it has special abilities, and what created the markings.
  • It is rumored Count Lionel created the stick.