Thornapples are fruits in Venturian Battle. The fruits are used as munitions for Thornapple Launchers. The juices inside a Thornapple are acidic, but can be used as ink for writing. There are three stages of a Thornapple:
  • Unripe: Thornapples which are not yet ripe can be picked, softened by boiling, and eaten. Shooters make a particularly foul smelling and tasting Thornapple soup.
  • Ripe: Mature Thornapples have spikes and are rock hard, which make them extremely effective ammunition in fights.
  • Over-Ripe: If a Thornapple was allowed to ripen for too long in the desert heat, they could actually become exploding. While it is legal, their use is frowned upon in all Dlab arenas. Exploding Thornapples are allowed in battles in some arenas, though.


Thornapples can be used as weapons and for making Thornapple Soup. Although Thornapple Soup is edible, it is currently unknown if real Thornapples are.


  • Ripe Thornapples are grey at the top, and blue at the bottom with blue spikes, while overripe Thornapples are yellow at the top, blue at the bottom, and yellow spikes.
  • Thornapples are the only fruit without a corresponding diety or community.
  • The mines used by the Green Badasses during the Venture Race look identical to Thornapples.
  • Thornapples are not in Venture, but rather only in Venturian Battle.

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