Town Master is an episode of Venturian Battle.


Robert Jacob is signed up to be a fine estate agent, and decides to build some facades with his brothers. The first thing they build is a home; a white tiled, orange planked, yellow windowed, red roofed house. Someone moves in, but he is famished. As such, Robert tells his bros to get straight to work on a pizza place.

Terrence Jacob, as a construction worker, decides to theme the facade itself after pizza, then adds some other detailing. A glutton decides to work their as a cook, and the house guy is amused. Robert adds two things to their menu; turkey legs and pizza. However, the baker wants more; he wants a grocery store.

Tyler Jacob decides to get right to it, and builds a store, white cool yellow Wood Beams, blue windows, an orange porch, a cyan roof, and a white sign. A salesman walks out, and, despite having no prior knowledge about it, wants an art store.

As such, Scottie makes it his duty to build an art supply store. He makes the boarding blue, the tiling red and orange, the roof green, the flooring brown, and the door white. A mold maker walks out, and, in addition to wanting an alleged "f***** scooter" (Segway), tells them a rare bird is in town.

Athansios searches for the bird, while Prisco reluctantly builds a Segway Store. After building the store, they find an idiot on a Segway, who says he wants a diner that serves arrows, torpedoes, bullets, ants, batteries, and ink, claiming them to be his "favorite foods". Prisco says they already have a pizza place, but upon being asked if they serve pellets, small rockets, spikes, TNT, caterpillars, shotgun blasts, or soap, Prisco says no, resulting in the organ donor throwing a lit match at a petrol station Cyan built, causing it to explode.

The fuel causes a fire, which spreads throughout the town. Boyce takes it upon himself to build a fire house, however, Boyce realizes there are no firefighters in the city, so he decides to become a fireman by driving a fire apparatus. Boyce puts out all of the flames, however, everyone died except for the dunce who started the fire. He asks Robert if he can have arrowheads, petroleum jelly, tacks, window cleaner, bolts, nails, screws, hooks, bleach, fungicide, marbles, beads, bullet shells, shots, hydrogen peroxide, and choking hazards.

Robert, infuriated, gives into his pleads, and gives the nickumpoop some petroleum jelly. After eating it, he explodes into a big splatter of white gore, dead from poisoning.

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