Troodons are dinosaurs in Venture.


Troodon were small dinosaurs, up to 0.9 metres (3.0 ft) in height, 2.4 metres (7.9 ft) in length, and up to 50 kilograms (110 lb) in mass. The largest specimens are comparable in size to Velociraptors and Unenlagia. They had extremely long, slender hind extremities, suggesting that these animals were able to run fast. They had large, retractable sickle claws on the second toes, which were raised off the ground when running.

Their eyes were super large, implying a nocturnal lifestyle, and forward facing, giving Troodon a degree of depth perception.

In Venture

Troodons can be brought back using an incubator on a Dinosaur Egg or assembling a Dinosaur Skeleton and bringing it to life with the Talisman. Troodons act as described above; they are speedy, nocturnal, however, though, they are twice the size of Robert Jacob, instead of being half, like in real life. Ones brought back with the incubator come in two colors; a tangerine-like brown and olive green. The green ones also have shades of lighter and darker green, while the brown ones have shades of brown and dark orange, additionally. Both have light yellow claws. However, ones reanimated with the Talisman comes in only black with a lemony underbelly, and are around 18 feet/5.4864 meters tall. This version of the Troodon has heightened senses, big agility and a giant amount of strength, as Troodons can rip Ogres in half in no time. The monsters emit an energy field that no weapon can pass through. The only weapon that can kill a Black Troodon is the Venturia Bow.

There are also grey-red colored Troodons that exist. They are more dangerous than normal Troodons, as they are venomous and when bit, they will cause poision and blidness effects to whomever is bitten. They also have no eyes, instead having bright white eyesockets for eyes.



  • Its tail is the weakest point of the dinosaur.
  • The Troodon is close to a Coelophysis or a Utahraptor in appearance, unlike the small and lean Troodon. In addition, some variations have a feather coat, wings and tail fan which raptors are known to have had.
  • The Fossil method may result in a skeletal Trodoon.

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