New to Venture and do not know where to go and what to do? On this page, you will find a list of extremely useful articles that will help you through your journey in Venture. Surviving in the moonlit nights or building a Turing gadget, there is an article here that will be of use to you!



  • Airlock
  • Water Ladder
  • Water Elevator
  • Measuring Distance
  • Underwater House
  • Building Safe Houses

Farming and Mining

  • Creature Farming
  • Acrogen Farming
  • Tree Farming
  • Cobblestone Farming
  • Quarry


  • Mechanisms
  • Traps
  • Advanced Mechanical Mechanisms
  • Empty Mine Trolley Runaway Prevention


  • Map Downloading
  • Server Setup
  • Saving Your Game to the Cloud via Dropbox
  • Save World Data to Dropbox
  • Venture Sound Directory
  • FAQ
  • Texture Maps

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