Tyler Jacob is a brother of Robert Jacob and Terrence Jacob.


Tyler is a little incompetent at his job, only relying on Robert Jacob for advice. He is a cowardly hippy and a lover of peace who would rather nobody need to fight at all, however accepts that it is a necessity. He is also protective of his brothers, and originally was unsure about them becoming knights. He needed to be convinced by Terrence Jacob to allow them to, and even after agreeing to allow them he was still pretty apprehensive of their knighthood. However, by the sequel to Venture: Halloween has fully accepted the family's knighthood and held a knighting ceremony in their honor.


Tyler has spikey and messy brown hair, brown eyes, and wears a black tuxedo with a blue necktie, a crimson tulip on the left hand side, black pants, and brown shoes. Description

Even though he is a major part of the Jacob Knights, Tyler is quite a timid man. He is scared by any dark, loud noise and can get quite nervous when he thinks of what tomorrow will bring. He loves going to tournaments and giving speeches rather than than fighting malicious creatures. He loves Venture and will do anything to keep it safe. Even if it means letting his beloved brothers join the fight at the frontline.

Venturian Battle Appearances

  • Currently every episode


  • He owns an army of golems due to never being trained in combat.
  • He is considered to be part of a main trio, alongside Robert and Terrence, being the only characters to appear in every Venturian Battle episode.

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