Undead are creatures in Venture.


Undead spawn whenever you electrify a dead player's body.


Undead eat users of all Archetypes. However, they can be turned neutral by feeding them Streak O Lean. Undead love cerebrums; they eat them and turn neutral if the player holds one. They will also eat organ hearts, livers, and kidneys. They will even eat zygotes.

Undead burn when they get close to a flame and will die shortly afterwards, due to fire dealing more damage to them than anything else, besides Lawn Mowers; large groups of Undead can also be quite simply destroyed by using a lawn mower. Holy Water and Stun Grenades can also one hit kill them.


Undead wear the same clothing as Robert Jacob, a brown jacket, a striped tie, and blue jeans, which has brought up a controversy over whether the zombies are actually reanimated bodies of previous users or not. Zombies also have rock grey skin and dark grey hair. In addition, it is possible for zombies to spawn holding a chicken leg or a shovel. The appearance is a "zombified" version of the Player Model of the corpse, therefore it does not always resemble Robert Jacob.


  • In Venturian Battle, there is an informing document about them called "DYK Zombies". The document includes the following information:
    • Zombies watch so much TV that they have become masters of trivia... but nobody ever asks them to share any of it.
    • Zombies love Halloween. Nobody runs away from them, and everybody thinks they have the best costume.
    • The only thing zombies are afraid of is MSG. It horrifies them!
  • Their weakness to lawn mowers is a reference to Plants vs. Zombies.

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