Undead Labmen are common neutral creatures in Hell.


Undead Labmen can spawn in Hell or from Hell portals.

All undead labmen spawn with a golden katana.


Undead labmen spawn in groups of 4 in Hell at any light level.

Hell Portals

When a Hell Portal object in the overworld receives a tick, there is a small chance it will spawn an undead dlabman on the portal frame beneath it. If an undead labman spawned in this way does not leave the portal it spawns on, it will never be teleported to Hell.


Undead labmen drop 0 to 1 cooked Streak O Lean.


Undead labmen tend to move relatively slowly. They can drown, but are immune to fire and lava damage.


Undead labmen have 20 health and 2 armor points, which reduces about 8% of damage.

When aggravated, their speed will significantly increase to faster than the player's walking speed. They will also make a hostile noise between 0 to 39 ticks after they are attacked. The labmen will crowd around and overwhelm the player by ganging up on them. Each labman can deal 5 damage per hit.

In addition, some undead labmen will have the ability to spawn reinforcements when attacked, including when murdered in a single hit. Due to a bug, the spawned reinforcement will be a regular.


Undead labmen are not initially violent, but all undead labmen within a 67×67×21 to 111×111×21 meter area centered on the attacked labman will become homicidal and converge on the player if any individual is attacked, unless the labman attacked is assassinated in one hit. This applies to any hit registered as coming from the player or other creatures, including deflecting Exspouse plasma.

Undead labmen will remain aggressive forever if attacked and in radius, and they will continue to pursue an already-targeted player until the player escapes their 40 meter pursuit radius. Approaching within 35 meters of an already aggresive undead labman causes it to sound an alarm call, angering other undead labmen in a 40-meter radius. Dying will not cause undead labmen to become neutral towards the player, regardless of whether they killed you.

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