Here are a few I came up with, but we may or may not use all or any of these. I mean, what would be so special of being a fruit deity if there were THIS many others! Anyhow, my ideas are:

Pumpkin: I guess we could do this one, but only around Halloween for it to make sense! The pumpkin would look like the Headless Horseman's head, and would riot against pumpkin pie and stews with pumpkin in them, but would actually approve Jack O Lanterns because he is one!


Apples: There would be two apple deities: an Earth apple one, and a Venture apple one. The Venture Apple one is really calm, no rioting, while the Earth one wants to abolish filling apple pie with apple corpses and crushing living apples to make cider. 


Aguay: Does not like having aguays used in pies and tarts, I guess.

Courgette: Hates the fact that his fellow courgettes are tortured with being forced to indulge alegar and dressing and trapped by vegetables, meat and fish in salad, and being drowned in alegar and turns into achar. 

Carambola: A slice of carambola shaped like a star who loathes carambola being used in juice I guess, I ran out of ideas for riots LOL, maybe some could not protest!

Habanera: Dislikes her fellow chili peppers being burnt to death on cookers and turned in chili sauce.

Banana Skin: Dislikes banana peels being thrown onto the ground, and being tortured by being stepped on and slid on by people, and that be painful for both humans and banana peels (yeah, banana skin will want equal rights).

Pomelo: Does not like pomelo being put in blenders and chopped apart, and then having their blood used as juice.

Citrus: Same as Pomelo, only with OJ being the juice and pomelo being citrus fruits.

Mango: Hates people killing mangoes and using them in marmalade, jam, mango juice, and specifically for green mangoes (which mango is one), PICKLES. 


Olive: Loathes people assasinating olives and making vegetable oil with them.

To be honest, I would best prefer these ideas are never used, but here are some suggestions if you want to make more Nigh Omnipotent fruits!

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