5:00 - 6:00 Well, I had a bratwurst. It was really good, and had some catchup and mustard on it. I wanted to have some Doritos, but mom got all up in my @$$ about not eating fruit, so I was forced to. I had strawberries, grapes, and mulberries. Okay, it was good, but I was in the mood for extremely MLG Doritos. My mother got me some dairy and more grapes, and apparently must have saw this, because I got a Dorito. Man, I love my mother. And Doritos. Doritos remind me of Bill Cipher. I also lit a sparkler, but I was really terrified and dropped it on the carpet. Well, the carpet was not burnt, my parents hated that, and I got scolded. What should they expect, there was calx and ember all over the ground. Now I know what Robert feels like when he holds a torch.

6:00 - 7:00 I think this is exactly my second year on I dunno, it was sometime in July and in 2015. Well, I decided to tell everyone that. And to celebrate even further, I used the code to get the sexy lady painting (Code: !AF 106) Because I remembered when I first went on that day, I found it to be a masterpiece, because I could swear and get any item without a membership. One of which I heard was really rare was the Mona Lisa, but when I typed in the code, I was surprised to get... well, it! My mom also gave me these Burnin Hot Cheetos, and they burned my tongue like there is no tommorow and I am taking a visit to Hell and got forced to eat plasma. But I cannot resist any chance of red food colouring, so I ate an entire plate of them without drinking. My gosh, my parents love to torture me. Man, I still feel the burn and have scarlet saliva. Well, I decided to look through the pyrotechnics, and found ones with several names like "Pinata Buster" and "Sparrow's Nest", and my personal favorite "GOLDEN SHOWER". Seriously, if there is ONE type of illegal firework we bought, that would be it. My parents were pretty mad when they realized they bought a type of firework called "Golden Shower" and spewed yellow sparks like so, but I told them the same reference is in Terraria, and all that did was made them think I should not play Terraria! I also read the story "The Latelish Adversary" on CPFW. It was a really good story. 

7:00 - 8:00 I saw Mr Krabs Unquenchable Blood Lust. We also started Pixels.

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