Cut off Arm

Venture Trailer is an adevrtisement for Venture that started being shown on television programs during commercial breaks for shows rated TV-14 to TV-MA and trailers for movies during PG-13, R, and NC-17, due to the game's T rating. The ad has started airing as of November 22, 2016.


The commercial begins with a shot of a duo mining. One finds five diamonds, the weapons of the Killers behind them move menacingly. The other one is given the diamonds. They then run to a Workbench and craft a Diamond Helmet, which the one who found the diamonds wears. Suddenly, Psycho reaches out and rips the head off the miner, sending the other flying back. Murderer bites a Fluorescent Rock next to the survivor, making him obviously visible. Psycho then fires his Gun at Murderer. Psycho then grabs the Diamond Helmet, but Assassin severs his arm into two, making the helmet fall again. Assassin then runs towards Murderer, though Murderer fired his bullet at the killer. The helmet then falls into the survivor's hands. The killers advance on him, the survivor backing up until he falls into a cave river with the helmet. He then lands in a new area, only to see Serial creep out of a cavity to intercept him. Traumatizing the survivor, the helmet falls out of his hands and the killer grabs it. Creep then sneaks up behind him and they fight until a bullet from Destroyer is fired at Creep. Destroyer charges forward and swats the survivor away. A battle then ensues with the killers, the survivor hanging helplessly on an edge of a cliff. A bullet fired from Serial then sends the helmet to him, struggling to carry it, until it drops it, with the survivor watching sadly as the helmet falls down to a lower ledge out of reach. The killers then get extremely alert, searching for the helmet. The survivor, still hanging on the ledge, is finally pulled away by a tentacle that wrapped itself around his feet. The short then ends.


  • This is the only Venture trailer to have a song by Cryoshell in it, albeit only by the lead singer.