Venture Limited

Venture Limited is a version of Venture available on Java 4K. VL is for people with only one kilobyte of storage left on their computer. As the name implies, the game is extremely limited and the resolution is eight bit. Players are restricted to placing or destruction, with Wabe being the only placable object. The same world is generated all the time. The only things are Wabe, Earth, Rock, wood, leaves, Oxygen, and bricks, and are varyingly located. There is no sky and the map is only 64 x 64 x 64 meters. Controls are inverted.

There are only sixteen objects. Earth is the standard object.


  • The name is an obvious spoonerism of Scribblenauts Unlimited.
  • Venture Limited is the first variation of the game not playable with the standard launcher.
  • Skittleflake has stated that it's technichal name would be Venture 4k, due to the data being less than 4 kilobites, and it is aquired on Java 4k. Brendan also occasionally uses this name.

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