The Venture Race is a reality TV show in Venturian Battle.


Venture Race is a racing event. Two teams, the Green Badasses and the Red Corsair, face each other to win the Trophy for a reality TV show on YouTube. Season One consists of the teams using many vehicles in throughout a world-related locale, like a canyon, desert, iceberg, reef, and swamp. The teams have equipped their vehicles with weaponry, such as dynamite, big guns, and so on to battle each other on the track. Some of the episodes also have an orange-colored referee who hold the trophy and judges the race. The overall theme is exactly the same as the famous video game Split Second.


  • Characteristics can be noted for each team. The Green Badasses tend toward large, chunky vehicles, weaponry is only large, (giant snowballs, giant cannon) or exploding, (dynamite, mines) plus a lot of saws and grapples. The Red Corsair has sleek, streamlined vehicles, weaponry is exclusively missiles, which are used on five of their six vehicles.

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