Venture Unmasked: A DC Comics Mission is an episode of Venturian Battle.


Robert Jacob and his brothers are exploring the Winter, where they have already built a snow outpost. Robert encounters Batman and The Penguin facing off, and decides to investigate. Batman is using a scuba vehicle, while the Penguin is in a duck vehicle. The Penguin also penguins, who are holding dynamite. The Penguins use the dynamite to blow up a block of ice, revealing a jewel. Batman eventually beats The Penguin by firing a harpoon at him, knocking him off the duck boat, where he retreats with his robot penguins. Robert decides to join Batman, where he brings them to the BatCave, and buys costumes for them via the Batcomputer.

Robert (in Batman Costume) and Terrence (in Aquaman Costume) return to the Artic to stop Mr. Freeze and bring him to Arkham Asylum. However, on the way there, Mr. Freeze traps Aquaman in a block of ice, so Arctic Batman has to save him. Arctic Batman arrives and parks his Batboat, and releases the bombs, busting open the ice block. Aquaman sends the fish to protect him, and uses telepathy on Mr. Freeze, confusing him. He then uses his trident to electrocute Mr. Freeze, cracking his helmet, and then freezing him.

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