Venturia Sword is a blade found in Venturia, and the first weapon you will come across in the realm.



When a Knight Dlab is encountered in Venturia, specifically in Fortan Fortress, you can purchase their Venturia Sword for 1 Gold Ingot each.

Sword Techniques

While the blade's only attack is a mere impale, unless you are at full health, in which case you can use it as a boomerang. Meanwhile, the Venturia Sword has several different techniques as game play features, all of which you can purchase from Knight Dlabs.

Basic Techniques

The Venturia Sword starts with an easy Sword skill. The regular Blade has been known to use super few attacks, but with the addition of the Venturia Sword, swordplay has since become complex.

  • Horizontal Slice - As the simplest Sword technique, this requires a fast swing of his Sword. This is the only technique usable while running.
  • Vertical Slice - While targeting a hostile, you can cut your opponent down the middle with a simple vertical slice.
  • Impale - Also known as the "thrust", this attack can be done when you target an invader while advancing toward them and attacking.
  • Jump Attack - With this devastating attack, you target your opponent and leap at them with a vertical swing of your sword. This attack is stronger than any other.
  • Spin Attack - If you store strength in your clay more, he can unleash a Spin Attack which will encompass the area around you. If given any magic buff, you can instantly use this move in speedy succession. The Spin Attack is most usable when you are surrounded by multiple villains.

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