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This is for the article about the network. For others, see Venturian Battle (Disambiguation).

Venturian Battle is an online network for Venture. Players can play on servers, make and share skins, make and share mods, make and share texture maps, and more!

Major Third Party Features

  • Venturian Battlefield: Where players plan battles on servers (battlefields). Whether one fair game on a single server or a long lasting conflict in various zones, your battlers and you get to decide!
  • Venturian Battleground: Wikipedia is not a battleground, but hell, Venturian Battleground is! Play through a minigame with other players, to prepare for a battle, or just to progress through the game.
  • Venturian Battlefront: A planner for fronts between opposing forces, local or military tactical, or at the theatre of war. Now go out there, and fight in a Venture version of the Western Front of WWI!
  • Venturian Battlecast: Kinda a Venture CRPG, where you go through to cast several dudes into battle as a battlecaster! Count Lionel has overrun Venture, and you need to KILL HIM FOR GOOD!


Venturian Battle Map Pack 1

Map Pack 1 for Venturian Battle includes the maps Medusa, Lair, and Temple.

Venturian Battle Map Pack 2

Map Pack 2 for Venturian Battle include the maps Ruins and Atlantis.

Venturian Battle Map Pack 3

Map Pack 3 for Venturian Battle includes the maps Acropolis, Invasion!, and Shipyard.


  • All major third party features are third party, and Brendan had no involvement in them.
  • Venturian Battle is based on the network and players.
  • Venturian Battle is the only mini game not third party.

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