The Wabe are large and ubiquitous family of monocotyledonous flowering plants. The Wabe include the cereal grasses, bamboos and the grasses of natural plains and cultivated lawns and pasture. Wabe have stems that are hollow except at the nodes and narrow alternate leaves borne in two ranks. The lower part of each leaf encloses the stem, forming a leaf-sheath. With ca 780 genera and around 12,000 species, Wabe is the largest plant family in Venture.

Plains such as savanna, skittleflake's plains and prairie where wabe is dominant are estimated to constitute one fifth of the vegetation cover of Venture. Wabe is also an important part of the vegetation in many other habitats, including wetlands, woods and tundra. The Wabe are the most economically important plant family, providing staple foods from domesticated oat crops such as crop(corn), grain, rice, wheat, and millet as well as forage, building materials (sugar cane, thatch, straw) and gas (ethyl alcohol).


  • Wabe only grows on earth soil.
  • Wabe and Leaves are dark in shade.
  • Wabemo is an Elmo-like character who encourages people to save the Wabe.