Wabemo is a character and PSA. His job is to encourage people to 'Save the Wabe'. He resembles a green Elmo with a pink flower. He is the youngest of the 'Mo' family, a family of Elmo-esque creatures descended from a Polish space janitor and a yellow penguin from the Principality of Wales.


He is a green Elmo with a pink flower.


Robert Jacob

So far, they have not interacted, but Robert dislikes Wabemo because he thinks there is enough Wabe. However, Robert started liking him after the events of The Wabe Movie.


The Wabe Movie

In The Wabe Movie, Wabemo encourages people to conserve the Wabe and eat less animals. In the end, there is a massive thirty minute gay orgy of Wabemo penetrating the poor animals. Cory from the famous Anime Cory in the House joins in with his mega presidential penis and penetrates the poor animals, while Wabemo chants "Go Cory, Go!".

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