Watermelon World is an episode of Venturian Battle.


As Robert and his brother were at his Abode, another earthquake shook the Abode. Robert fell down near a window and saw a bunch of boats were pulled down into the ocean by a yellow hand! Robert and his brothers decided to go and venture to the bay. At the bay, they saw a sign saying that the bay was closed due to weather. They ignored the sign and went into the beach. They saw a giant Pineapple robot attacking an island, and so they got a riverboat to the island. As they were riverboating, a large wave crashed the boat into the beach. At the beach, they saw a group of watermelons. The watermelons took the Jacobs into their village and set Robert on a throne. The watermelons bowed down to him, and Ronert said they must think he's a God. They then took him to a cliff where the Pineapple robot they saw was.

As Robert looked at the Robot, he saw two fruits inside. They were Lemon and Lime, who were hitting buttons. It hit the cliff, causing it to collapse. A few watermelons were shattered, and they all left. Robert then aimed his bow at the pineapple, but it shot it back. Tyler fell backwards into the sea, and Terrence hit his head on a tree. As Robert retreated, he was hit by an arrow in the back. The watermelons presented him with a feast of just leaves. Robert tried to eat the leaves, but he vomited them. He decided to leave the village and re-challenge the Pineapple.

Pineapple was about to go to the mainland, but he saw Robert and shot at him. Robert swam to the Robot, but he was thrown all the way to his abode. He got up and saw his robot in the garage. Robert got in and flew to the Robot. He shot up the Pineapple, causing Pineapple to fly into a mountain. Robert was then hit by a wave, and he was about to be shot. Suddenly, Terrence came with the watermelons, who caught the Robot. Robert got to shoot Pineapple, and it caused it to fall apart. Lemon and Lime fell onto the shore. They held a small cube and blasted off. Suddenly, an Apple Spaceship landed and they kidnapped the Jacobs.

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