Weapons Workshop is an episode of Venturian Battle Season Two.


Robert Jacob is at Stronghold Hill, and finds Jack Blacksmith. Jack Blacksmith introduces his blacksmith shop, Hellfire Forge, and Robert decides to start his own. Robert and Terrence build a weapons workshop, Jacob Smithy. Robert and Terrence get some Metallic Ingots and make battle axes on a crafting table. Robert decides that in order to make sure the metal has formed into the weapon completely and to be like every other blacksmith, they use a Scarlet Rock mechanism to lower it above a fire. As Robert forges an emblem for their weapons workshop, a pirate falls into the flames, and severely burns his hand in the fire, dousing it in a barrel of water. The pirate reveals his name to be Lew, and has come to raid the shop.

Robert pulls out a saber he made, and Lew pulls out his own blade, and they lock swords. Robert wins, and slashes Lew down. Lew then runs off, but trips over a wagon. Robert runs over to continue the fight, but Lew is standing on a gable stud which happens to catapult Robert onto the second floor's planks. Lew makes it up as well, and Robert then knocks Lew off with the sword, which causes him to fall down and land back into the fire. Robert and Terrence report Lew, and he is imprisoned.

Robert and Terrence go to the penitentiary and break Lew out. Robert makes them all weapons, and they encounter a guy about to be hung by the military. Lew slices the rope the noose is on, and kills the troopers. They cross over a bridge, and find a frigate. Lew says they are going to steal the frigate, but Robert questions how. Lew hands out invisibility elixirs, which they drink and go over to the dock. As they spot the ship, the invisibility status wears off, and Lew is caught by the troop.

Lew says that he surrenders, and Robert and Terrence are hiding behind a stowed away ferryboat. As Lew is handcuffed, a pirate ship sails over and nukes them with Acetone Peroxide. Robert, Terrence, and Lew escape from the prison island as the acetone peroxide blows up the entire isle, killing everybody there. Robert and Terrence are granted the new captains of the pirate ship for saving Lew, and sail back to Flakerot Avenue, where Robert's weapons workshop is. Robert goes back to the blacksmith shop, and forges more weapons with Terrence. As Terrence hangs up the emblem, a peasant hands Robert a scroll. It says that King Venturian's castle is being attacked by trolls, and they need Robert's help. Robert tells Terrence they are going to need to forge a lot of weapons to help King Venturian's army, and they continue making weapons.


  • This is the second episode where it is made clear what happens in the next episode. The first was Muffin's Bakery.

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