Yewchinilla Fruit (Yew) is a kind of deadly and pousinous fruit. They resemble bright red apples. Unripe yews are green colored, and the bright red ones are ripe. They grow on yew trees, which are a kind of pine tree. When injested, the fruit's acidic juice dissolves the mucus layer of the stomach, and as the acid dissolves, it also poisons the body.


The fruit barely has any uses as a consumable, but it has many uses as a bio-weapon. Even the tree can be used as a weapon! It's apple-like appearance can be used to assasinate people by feeding them a yew. Some fruit dieties actually grow them in gardens to ward off any evil spirits.

Torture Method

In Curry County, any Satanic or otherwise malicious zealots who enter will immediately be tortured via being fed a Yewchinilla Fruit. If the zealot is still alive and bad mouths the kingdom or otherwise does not surrender are killed with an anvil guillotine. If none of these torture methods work, the zealot gets to go as a normal user would, unless they commit five or more felonies. Any other user who commits five or more felonies will be given the same punishments.


  • Golden Apples resemble unripe Yewchinilla Fruit rather than Apples.
  • The fruit is actually a cross between Manchineel and Yew fruits.